Welcome to Eyzovblue Birmans & Siberians

I am a GCCF registered breeder of Birman & Siberian cats and my home is shared with my wonderful feline friends.

My passion for these lovely animals started 18 years ago when I rescued some tiny black kittens.  They were then joined by a lovely blue girl  and not long after that along came Soda, a big handsome pure white boy.

I had admired Birman's for many years and shortly after 'Mocha' , my blue point boy came along (pictured top right), I knew it was time to dedicate myself to this stunning breed.  I am now owned by 4 Birmans (as well as the above already mentioned)..................................................... and then along came Musrafy Tigritza, my lovely Siberian Girl!

My Birmans & Siberians are kept indoors most of the time, but also have access to an outside covered pen.  All of my kittens are bred and kept indoors, so they are used to all of the usual household noises (including that of my daughter!).  I hope you enjoy looking through the site.

Why am I here on this earth?

A purpose for all there must be,

The slinky solace you adorn me with,

For you ,my friends, are why I'm here.


You comfort me, I comfort you,

A greater purpose can think of none,

Care for you and be your saviour,

The joy you feel is not just yours.


Your sparkling beautiful  eyes,

Fur so soft I hear you purr,

Such charm, charisma held within,

 To know you all I feel so blessed.


Am here for you both day and night,

Today, tomorrow and all days after,

For you comfort me and I you too,

A greater purpose there's none for me.

                                                                  written by Steve Murphy

Last updated 22/10/11